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Kindness Award

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The Kindness Award


Who is eligible?
– Teachers/Rebbis currently teaching in grades Pre 1A -12th/Zal in Crown Heights.
– Classmates who are currently a student in grades 6th-12th/al in Crown Heights.

Hows does the award work?
Nominate a current Crown Heights teacher who has made an impact on your life through acts of kindness, large and small.
Nominate a classmate who had your back, who was there for you and impacted your life through kindness.

Can I start now acts of kindness and be eligible for the 2024/5784 Kindness Award in Crown Heights?

– You sure can! I’m sure you’ll be nominated for your kindness! BE KIND

What can I do to be kind?
– Look around you, you’ll see a garden filled with many opportunities to blossom kindness, like water to a seed. Every act of kindness big and small makes a BIG IMPACT on ones life!
Do I have to share my name when I nominate someone for their kindness?
– No, you can click the option I want to remain anonymous

Do you have a Kindness story and you don’t live in Crown Height?
PLEASE share a story of a kindness that was extended to you
– We want to hear and share your story! KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS!

Are you feeling the kind vibe?
Please Donate to this incredible cause and help us transform the world, one act of
kindness at a time.
Pay it forward! Do an act of kindness. Create the ripple.

Not in Crown Heights but want to get involved?
Let’s work together
to bring this Kindness Blossoms Award to your town! Please reach out to and let’s make it happen.

Understated, warm and full of love, Yocheved Gourarie radiated kindness to all.

“Yocheved didn’t have a judgmental bone in her body. She really accepted people just as they were– and people felt that love and acceptance from her, always.”

This award celebrates her life and legacy and the power of even one act of kindness.

Share an inspirational story or nominate a teacher, classmate or childhood friend who transformed your life through acts of kindness.

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