“איזהו מכובד המוחבראת הבריות”

Written by : Anonymous 

“My life has definitely changed for the better”

Nechama Dina is my closest friend in Beis Rivka. I am a Shlucha from France, and I came to Beis Rivka without knowing anyone. Nechama Dina welcomed me into her friend group “with open arms” and made my start in Beis Rivka a lot more smooth and easier. We eventually became friends, and more than once she has acted very kindly to me. I love little acts of kindness and friendship she would do for me almost daily. From walking back from school together, to having a chavruta every week, to having me over for shabbat meals, to cheering me on and making me feel better in a difficult moment on a bad day, to literally always being there for me, especially when in times of need, but even just on a regular school day, to ending up spending more time with me then with other friends when she has been friends with them for forever, to just being the most wonderful, amazing and giving friend I could have ever asked for and dreamed of.  Thanks to her, I was able to adjust myself and integrate in the nicest and best possible way in Beis Rivka. I owe her a lot. I am very thankful to Hashem for giving me such a friend and I am obviously very thankful to her for all she does for me. My life has definitely changed for the better since we have known each other. I’ll end off with saying a pasuk: “איזהו מכובד המוחבראת הבריות” This is very well fitting for her as she is the sweetest and kindest friend I know!


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