“Devoted to us”

Written by : Nella Schapiro

“This was so kind”

Miss Junik is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She is currently teaching me this year. She is devoted to us, and will go out of her way to help u when she teaches she makes sure we know the material very well . I think I will remember everything she taught because she taught it in a fun way. In adar Bais Rivka was doing color day . My class was color pink , I happen to have a pink shiny coat so I was wearing it in school . In the middle of class she commented that she almost couldn’t tell that we were pink because we were just wearing our regular clothes. she thought I got hurt so she called me out of class and asked me if I got embarrassed or if she hurt my feelings I told her that I was not hurt and she said I’m sorry . I thought that this was so kind because I don’t know that if I was the teacher in this situation I would be able to have the courage and ask my student.


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