“He decided to take a role of a father figure, as a role model”

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“Every child counts, every child is catered to their needs”

I moved to New York when my parents got divorced. I was enrolled in a school, however it didn’t work for me at that time so my mother enrolled me into Darchai Menachem, where the motto is “every child counts, every child is catered to their needs”.
In my second year at Darchai that’s when I felt it was true. My teacher Rabbi Sarue who used to teach 6th grade and is now principal, made a huge impact on my life. He saw me as an individual, someone who has potential to succeed if a little extra tlc was given.
He decided to take the role of a father figure,  included me as part of his family.  He was a role model to me.   
As you know a 6th grader is getting ready for bar Mitzvah, not only did he have the hygiene talk with me but he taught me how to lein and practiced with me my maamer, which was no easy task. A father of 3 at the time made time for me, a regular student but he made me feel special, that I deserved the attention I was being given bec I was a great kid.
He went above and beyond to make sure I wouldn’t feel different bec my parents were divorced. He offered to take me hat and suit shopping so I can look spiffy at my bar Mitzvah. What really warmed my heart was that he sat next to me at the head of the table at my bar Mitzvah, he stuck around for the long haul.
Now that I’m in Mesivta he is still a part of my life, the kids are so excited to see me when I come over to the house to play with them. After I go to mikvah, another important Mitzvah which Rabbi Sarue instilled in me the kids come over to my house to play. We became like family to one another.
Rabbi Sarue didn’t stop once the school year stopped, even in the summer when an incident would happen in camp, I would call him and discuss with him what had happened and he would give me solutions and if necessary would speak to the higher ups.

In addition, his kindness spilled over to my 2 younger brothers, he would take them to shul, dance with them at Simchas Torah, take to event that were meant for father’s to be there and when there were event like gimmel Tammuz in front of 770 we would all sit with him!

I would be so honored for him to receive this kindness award – a small token of appreciation shown back!
Thanks for taking the time to read about this wonderful person!


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