“He is always there” 

Written by: Mendal Ciment

“He greets me with a smile” 

When I completed 7th grade, I left feeling accomplished, but also a little upset, as the year flew by and one of the biggest parts to my year was Rabbi Rendler, always being there for me, helping me, greeting me etc… Now that it was over, I didn’t expect anything much in the coming year to have much involvement with him, maybe an occasional hello and a smile here and there. What I learned this year amongst many other things, is not always do things go your way and not necessarily in a bad way. Every time he sees me, he greets me with a smile, asks me how I am doing and he is always there. I need to discuss anything, whether its yeshiva, school or anything else, he is always there. Baruch Hashem, thank you Rabbi Rendler for always being there!


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