“He lives for us. We are his life. He loves us like a father.”

Story by: Ari Koenig

Levi is the heart and soul of Achei. There is no Achei with out Levi. He gives of himself without any hesitation to help the bochurim. He lives for us. We are his life. He loves us like a father. And we love him. That’s why he should be this years Yocheved Gourarie Kindess Award winner.


  1. Meir Guigue

    This is so true, I can testify that !

    Levi keep up the great work, hope you win.

  2. Yossi Kapeluschnik

    Levi Is the most selfless person and if anyone deserves this it’s gotta be him

  3. melli zeilet

    Levi has touch alot of people over the years in a loving, understanding, caring way.

  4. Aryeh Koenig

    He listens and cares to what I have to say, so I listen and care to what he has to say

    For me, there’s no one story that brings out the impact Rabbi Levi Tzukernik has had on my life. But maybe that’s precisely because of how big that impact has been, that it goes deeper than just one story, one conversation, or even one meaningful word of encouragement.

    Rabbi Tzukernik is a busy man. He runs the yeshiva, teaches so many students, has a growing family, and has multiple other responsibilities that few even know about. But he makes time. He makes time to talk, to connect, to relate, and to empathize.

    For Rabbi Tzukernik, I know that my joy is his joy, and my pain is his pain. I lost my father when I was still a baby, and I can honestly say that Rabbi Tzukernik has become like a father to me. I can tell him anything, and the time he makes for me, even when it comes at his own personal expense, mean everything to me. A father makes time for his children, so Rabbi Tzukernik makes time for me; and all the other bochurim. And if, or when, it means he won’t sleep that night, or it means he’ll miss a meal, or have to forgo on something else personal, he does it anyways.

    When I dropped out of high school and took up video games 8-10 hours a day, it was because of Rabbi Tzukernik, and what he means to me, that I got rid of my Xbox. And when he spoke about the dangers of social media by a farbrengen, I took that to heart and acted on his suggestions. He listens and cares to what I have to say, so I listen and care to what he has to say.

    The truth it, the most amazing part about this is that I know I am not alone. There are countless other students of Rabbi Tzukernik, past and present, who will tell you a similar story about him. Yes, the details are different, the ups and downs of each person are unique, but Rabbi Tzukernik’s care and commitment has truly been the catalyst for so many of us to turn our lives around.

    If anyone deserves recognition and award for a teacher who made an impact, it’s Rabbi Levi Tzukernik.

  5. Avraham Stein

    Growing up, I have always struggled in the Yeshiva system. I never really liked Yeshiva until I came to Chovevei Torah and met Levi Tzukernik and his caring warm atmosphere. It was the first time where I found a place that had somone who really cared about the Bochrim on an individual level, without judging them, and truly wanted to help. He bends over backwards to make sure each person has the care they need to succeed. There are no limitations in what he would do or how far he would go to try and help somone with advice or influence them positively, selflessly giving away his time, his families time, and money.

    If anyone deserves this award, I believe it’s Levi, because he is a true example of what selfless devotion to a Yeshiva and what helping others looks like, and inspires others to do the same. He gave my Yeshiva life and time meaning and purpose, and he has forever changed many lives for the good, and continues to do so.

  6. mendel rubenfeld

    there is no love that comes close to the unconditional love that Levi has for all the bochurim!
    no matter who you are Levi will make a real positive impact on your life!

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