“He would listen and answer with love”

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“This saved me”

Before i met Rabbi Mendy Oster i never thought that there could such a nice loving caring kind rebbee in the world . Somebody that i could talk to about anything and ask anything and he would listen and answer with love and kindness to the highest degree . Even just seeing him and his bright smile already gave healing to what ever issue i may have had . There was one shabbos i was having a particular challenge that was eating me up and troubling me the entire day .And i could not get my head off it and thought it would be the end of me . I went that shabbos to this rebbe for the shabbos meal and towards the end the rebbee noticed something was up with me ,something was wrong . After a while we got into a disccusion about it and everything ccame out . But he did not make a big deal about it and just opend a TANYA and explained to me how my issue was n`t so bad and that i should not worry . This saved me and gave me much relief . HE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST TEACHER I EVER HAD 

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