“Her kindness has shown me the importance of being kind”

Written by : Yocheved Shagalow

“Give them a hug”

From the moment I entered the classroom in 9th, Miriam welcomed me into the class with open arms, as an Out Of Towner this was my first year in Bais Rivkah and having never attended sleepaway camp, knew nobody. Miriam immediately helped me adjust to high school, she really took me and guided me through the entire adjustment period. She invites me for Shabbos meals and and even suppers sometimes (I’m a Dormie, so decent suppers are a rare occurrence) and on those days where I have no breakfast or snack she’s always ready to share.
In school and out, she’s always there for me with a listening ear ready to hear what’s on my mind and occasionally offers some advice. I can confidently say I don’t know how I’d be getting through high school without Miriam’s support. She truly is an amazing friend deserving of this award. Miriam’s kindness has shown me the importance of being kind to everyone no matter where they come from or even if you know them or not. She taught me that if you can give, then you should give. She also taught me that you shouldn’t judge someone based off of their appearance or behavior, everyone has their own struggles and the best way to help them is to support them and treat them with kindness, in her words “if you see someone [struggling], give them a hug.”


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