“I feel like she is a literal angel from heaven sent to be with me through hard times. ”

Written by :  Anonymous

“She took care of me and would comfort me and she still did even after i switched to cga. without her i dont think i would have ever gotten out of my depression.“

I have a classmate who won the kindness award, and when she told us all about it, i thought its the perfect gift for my best friend since she does so much for me. we are actually not classmates. im in chabad girls academy on eastern parkway, while henya (my friend) is in beis rivka. but we actually used to be classmates. let me explain.
when covid came about two years ago my parents decided to movee to england. so my father flew there to look for a job. then one day my mother told me not to go to school. she brought me to the ohel and told me my parents were going to get divorced. i kind of developed a mini heartbreak and depression. i dont know when it happened, but me and henya somehow became friends over the corona years that we spent in school. so when i came to school the next day, henya asked me what was wrong, because even if i dont show something on my face, henya can read my emotions. so i told her about my parents. since that day, she has been the best firend you cant find aanywhere. she would patiently listen to me, calm me down after i cried, and especially cheer me up by telling me corny jokes and stories she knew would crack me up. she loved to hear me laugh. she helped me get into her grandfathers camp where she was going for the summer, because my family isnt swimming in 100$ bills. after the summer i changed schools. i neede to. beis rivkah was not the school for me. but we still chat on google hangouts and sometimes we get together, like to go out for sushi or have a shabbos sleepover. sometimes when i didnt have enough money on me to pay when we went out together, she would pay the rest. i really really hope she can win the award, because by nomiating her i finally have the chance to be as loyal dedicating kind empathetic and mature as she is to me. i feel like she is a literal angel from heaven sent to be with me through hard times. No money can buy a friend as awesome as this.


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