“I most looked forward to school every day”

Written by : Anonymous 

“That was thanks to Mrs. Prus.”

I entered sixth grade from a toxic fifth grade classroom environment, and I can confidently say that it was one of the best years of my life. It was the year I most looked forward to school every day, and that was thanks to Mrs. Prus.
My sixth grade class was a new mix of girls; we had been in different classes previously. Mrs. Prus effortlessly created the most united, positive, and fun class. She taught us in an interactive, engaging, and hands-on way, spending a lot of money on special activities, projects, and initiatives. I remember her frequent raffles, always with good prizes that appealed to sixth graders. She complimented me on my responsibility, and that year I was absolutely the most responsible I have ever been! I also remember having room to be more kind and sensitive toward others since I was in a positive environment. I have no recollection of Mrs. Prus ever raising her voice or yelling in anger. Occasionally, when she had to discipline, she truly did it out of love, and we learned our lesson through her disappointment, not her anger.
At one point in the year, I was going through a bit of a stressful situation. Had I been miserable at school, it would have probably been too much for me to remain upbeat. I really believe that what made me stay happy and whole with Hashem’s help was having a classroom where the atmosphere was non-pressuring and warm.
Mrs. Prus is the person I think of when someone says “favorite teacher.” Ask my fellow classmates, and each one of them would confirm they still love and remember Mrs. Prus. Sometimes, in retrospect, a teacher isn’t actually as good as she seemed at the time. Not only is this the opposite, but more than a few years later, I still remember her impact. If I ever become a teacher, it is her I want to emulate. She truly gave me the best school year of my life.


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