“No hesitation, no exceptions, just kindness”

Written by : Rochel Moss

“Just a smile on her face and pure kindness”

Liba has been my friend for longer then I can remember, and even though I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know her she still manages to surprise me every time I see her, she is so kind and caring its beyond words, she’s always giving and giving without hesitation and without any limits just a smile on her face and pure kindness. I remember a time when we had a little game in school, every girl was supposed to bring a small treat and they would exchange it with a friend, but I forgot my treat at home so naturally after the game when liba saw I didn’t get a treat in exchange (since I didn’t bring one to exchange) Liba came up to me took out her candy, split it and put it in my hand, no hesitation, no exceptions, just kindness without boundaries or limits, and if that’s not ultimate kindness then i have no idea what is, so I am writing this today for my truly kind friend who deserves to win millions of awards for the kindness she shares to the world every day. 

Liba’s kindness shown me that kindness doesn’t mean giving something away, she showed me that when you do kindness you actually get so much maybe even more then the person your doing the kindness to because when you do kindness your getting to make the person your doing the kindness for so happy even if they don’t know its from you because kindness doesn’t mean that you get to feel proud and that everyone should know how amazing you are, kindness is giving what you can give so the world could be filled with happier brighter people and more love for one another.


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