“Radiates joy and warmth”

Written by : Dovi Marozov

“Rebbi took the warm sweater off his back and draped it over my shoulders”

Rabbi Rosenfeld is a kind and loving teacher who radiates joy and warmth, whenever I see him it is with a smile and a kind word. He is always looking to help his students in any way he can. Once, on a frigid winter day I was sitting in the classroom after a long and hard day feeling cold and down. My rebbi came over and asked me if I was ok, I looked down at my desk, too shy to reply. He looked down at me with a kind and understanding look, is there something bothering you? he asked. I forgot my sweater at home I told him, with a sigh. Without hesitation, Rebbi took the warm sweater off his back and draped it over my shoulders. Touched by the gesture, I thanked my Rebbi profusely. He smiled and said “it’s my pleasure, *Shmuel”. I felt a surge of gratitude and warmth, both from the coat and Rabbi Rosenfeld’s kindness.


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