“Sensitive, caring and proactive.”

Written by : Minna and Ron Hershcopf

“He took thoughtful actions”

Rabbi Steinmetz is a sensitive, caring and proactive Rebbe. Anytime my son has an issue with a child being rough or unkind both my son and I both know we can talk to Rabbi Steinmetz. Any time we have spoken to Rabbi Steinmetz, he took thoughtful actions, spoke to the other boy and or made environmental changes if needed (changing a seat on the bus, etc.) Rabbi Steinmetz also plays sports with his class to teach them friend skills, good sportsmanship and inclusion.
Last Purim, Rabbi Steinmetz made a meetup at his house for the boys to daven, farbreng with one another and exchange Shalach Manos. BH, we found out that my nephew would be having his bris in New Haven on Purim morning as well. My son was so disappointed that he would miss getting Shalach Manos from all his friends. I explained the situation to Rabbi Steinmetz and asked if he had any ideas for Menachem. He recommended that he bring Shalach Manos for his friends the day before Purim and that he would collect Menachem’s Shalach monos from his friends at the meetup. Not only did Rabbi Steinmetz collect all the Shalach Manos from Menachem’s friends, he actually drove it over and personally delivered it to Menachem on Purim evening after we had returned. Menachem truly got to experience the simcha of Purim thanks to Rabbi Steinmetz’s kindness and sensitivity!


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