“She actually is changing my life!.”

Written by : Chaya Mushka Werde

“She makes whoever she is with comfortable”

“Dina is not my teacher but we do learn together every other week, and those times are the most exciting part of my week. Dina is just the most understanding person ever and so so sweet and makes whoever she is with comfortable and shows her care! She actually is changing my life! In the hall way in school she treats everyone with a smile, and when she talks to her students she shows that she enjoys talking with them! She smiles and makes everyone happy! Everyone loves her and that is a 100%!! She takes out girls to speak with them, and she actually cares for her students! Wherever she goes she carries around with her, her passion, her care, her devotion, her smile, and just her herself, being around people makes everyone happy!!!!”

How has this teacher’s kindness impacted you and your life?

“When Dina and I learn she makes me feel as though that it’s only me and her right now and she makes me feel so comfortable and i open up to her and she’s changing me so much I just can’t describe how much she adds to my life! She makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel important and ever since we started learning, things just gotten better for me! She gives people love! She shows people her love! She makes time for everyone!!! Everyone appreciates her and looks up to her! I look up to her so much and there are absolutely no words to describe how much I appreciate and adore her!!!! She needs to win! I can’t thank her enough for doing and helping me all that she can! Words are just not enough! She needs to win! She deserve this and all her students think the same way! She is changing me and my life may turn out for the better because of her!”


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