“She has always been there for me all hours of the day.”

Written by : Chaviva Srugo-Zarchi

“She respects boundaries”

Rachel miriam has always been there for me all hours of the day. she respects boundaries and constantly seeks to make other people happy. she’s incredibly sweet and she’s always there whether for advice, to vent, or simply to chat. she shares her wisdom which is wise beyond her years and she relates to others on their level whatever they need. she is unique and kind and never fails to bring my mood up when I’m down. she compliments others and is always looking out for others. she is one of the best people I’ve met.

How has this friend’s kindness impacted you and your life?

Rachel miriam has done more for me than most people I know. shes emotionally and mentally saved my life multiple time and prevented me from unhealthy behaviors more times than I can count. i would not be who I am without her. the impact shes had in my life is incredible and shes helped me so many times and constantly shows her love for and makes me feel safe and loved.



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