“She Smiled each time I passed”

Written by : Liba Okunov

“The most kindness person out there”

She Smiled each time I passed, if I ever put my head down in class. She knew must what to ask. She validated my pain, I wish other would do the same. Minor or small she taught me a lesson that can be learnt by all,
“You shouldn’t feel the need to fall because others make you seem small”
I would come to school and they would laugh, why do you say Tehilim after class they ask? I never knew what to answer back.
I thought I’d fall maybe I really shouldn’t try to do good, after all. Miss Nemanov came over to me one day and said “I noticed you hadn’t been treated in such a nice way, are you Okay?” I didn’t know what to say I literally just ran away. She cared about me in a way nobody has ever done before, and more! I really just had to Share, Miss Nemenov is the most kindness person out there every time she smiles at me it effects my day, when you just know someone is there and cares. I really try to be someone kind and to care the way she does. One day I hope to be as kind and caring as her.


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