“She truly cares for every jew”

Written by : Liba Okunov

“I was so touched”

I can’t describe what Mrs. Rendler does! She makes sure to speak with each girl in the grade she goes above to make sure each girl is noticed every morning. She has a chat with each girl in her office to make sure everything is good. The door to her office is never locked. We are always welcome to talk! You can always tell her what’s on your mind.! You are never alone in our school because Mrs. Rendler cares about you. I remember at our grade shabbaton I woke up early that morning and while most girls were asleep I went upstairs and she was there. She stayed with me to chat until more girls came. She didn’t want me to sit alone even at 6:00 am. While she spoke with me she really showed care and kindness. She was concerned about every aspect of my life in school and out! She asked about my summer plans and what I do at home, who my friends are ect. I never had a teacher who’s really just there, listens and really cares! One day she called me into her office and said: “Yesterday you said you weren’t accepted to that camp.” I just called them and I spoke to the director and got you in. I hope you have a wonderful time there. I was so touched it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I mentioned that and she got me into camp! There’s really nobody like Mrs. Rendler who is totally there for her students. A girl from out of town didn’t know where she planned to stay for a few days. Mrs Rendler said I have a basement you’re always welcome to stay in if you need. You’ll have it to yourself with privacy. Each girl is always welcome in Mrs Rendlers office to chat or in her home if you need a place to stay. You can message Mrs Rendler and any time of the day. Last week I really needed to go to the Ohel I told Mrs. Rendler I needed to go but didn’t have a ride. Without a moment to think, I didn’t even ask. She handed me money and said take the bus and here’s extra to bring a friend along. I almost wanted to cry. She is too kind; she truly cares for every jew. Mrs. Rendler has really showed me a teacher isn’t there just to teach but, to care! Mrs Rendler puts herself out there for us 24hours a day. She really showed me what it means to be kind and to just give of yourself and be there for somebody else! I’ve learnt so much on how to be kind and I hope you did too. Mrs Rendler we all try emulate what you do. Thank You!



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