“She’ll do everything she can to help.”

Written by : Liba Okunov

“Always smiles”

Mrs. Reichman is the kindest person I know. Every day as I come to school she smiles and says Hi. She isn’t my teacher anymore but, she is still so sweet towards me. She sees when your down and asks if your okay. She’ll do everything she can to help brighten your day! There was a time I saw her at a wedding, during the Chuppah she was sitting on a chair and my sister stood right in front of her blocking her view. I told her to sit down because she’s blocking others. Mrs Reichman knew I was referring to her and came over to me in such a sweet way hugging me and saying she’s not in my way.

How has this teacher’s kindness impacted you and your life?

This teacher always smiles as she passes by her friendly wave has been there always to brighten my day I hope one day ill do the same.


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