“Silent hero every single day”

Written by : Nechama Lapidus

“From truly seeing the good in every student”

I would like to nominate my mother – who was also my teacher. Mrs Shana tiechtel . For over 55 years my mother cared for every girl who attended Bais rivka . I saw my mother being a silent hero every single day. From checking in on girls who she knew were struggling, to hosting girls in her home at all times if they needed a listening ear. From truly seeing the good in every student to making calls at midnight to help a student in crisis. Mrs tiechtel was so much more than just a teacher and principal – she was a friend, a mentor, an ally and someone we all could rely on. I have learned so much from watching my mother’s grace love and connection with each student. It has pushed me to go forward and to go into chinuch . Because of the way my mother treated all the student of Bais rivkah high school according to their Individual needs, I am able to treat each one of my students in the preschool I am a director of, with so much love care and concern . I can call her my mother but Morah Tiechtel was also my most impacting teacher.


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