“Someone in school who cares about me.”

Written by : Shaina R

“With a smile”

Mrs Marosow is the current principal of 9th grade in Bais Rivkah. Every morning she greets each student with a smile and good morning. One such occasion was when I was on my way to davening and she stopped me and asked about the program we had had the night before. Not stopping at that, she then continued to ask more questions and showed interest in what I had to say. This is one such example of when I felt Mrs Marosow took the time and cared about me to make sure I was happy and noticed me in a grade of 160 girls.

How has this teacher’s kindness impacted you and your life?

Waking up and going to school every morning has been easier knowing there is someone in school who cares about me. I’m more of a quiet girl and usually not noticed by staff. However with Mrs Marosow she always has time for me and is willing to listen. School feels less threatening and chaotic for me because I know there’s a principal who is looking out for me.


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