“Through this Mashiach will come.”

Written by : Anonymous 

“He is the first one to come and help”

Eliran is a very nice and kind boy. In general, a few examples when someone is a little sad or down or even being bullied, Eliran would always be here to make them feel good. Whenever someone needs help with anything, he is the first one to come and help. He tries his very best to become everyone’s friend to help people make friends well. Many other nice stories and nice things that he did and hopefully will do. Whenever he has a snack and someone is hungry, he would always share his snack and if not he will buy them a snack for them, and even if people aren’t hungry, he would still offer them a snack, which is very kind. Once I was very sick and he called me multiple times everyday to check up on me and he told me what we learned in class and through this Mashiach will come.


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