“Truly exemplifies kindness”

Written by : Anonymous

“With a smile on her face”

She really goes above and beyond to do something for someone else. She doesn’t judge anyone for anything everyone is like 1 with her, she’s there and she cares! Shternie Greenberg came to school in middle of the year with a smile on her face. I met her and just knew she was kind! She welcomed each girl to lunch she invited everyone to hangout by her house. It didn’t matter who you were or where you came from. She didn’t judge she just welcomed everyone! We have a special needs girl in our school and Shternie makes sure to talk to her too. We once had this program and it ended really late it, she offered to walk me home because it isn’t safe. She went all out of her way to make sure I got home safe that night. There’s not a time Shternie does something without thinking of someone else first. When I came to lunch a little late and didn’t have a seat I sat on the floor Shternie right away didn’t waste a moment to give me her chair. I remember we had a writing contest and she told me she wants to write about the “power of being kind and you can change someone’s life” Shternie is 1000% an example of that! We had a school trip on the bus she didn’t take a seat she stood by the front so make sure everyone had what they need. On our grade Shabbaton she went around to make sure everyone has who to talk too. There was a girl who was sitting on the side with tears in her eyes Shternie asked her in the sweetest way if she’s okay. She is such a gem you just don’t understand. Shternie really changed me before I can’t even explain how inspiring she is. When you see her do Chessed with a smile it makes you feel like doing it too. Shternie is so loving and she really cares for everyone! She is Chosid who truly exemplifies kindness in every aspect of her life! We all should strive to be as kind as Shternie!


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